Once I managed to give up figuring out what I was “supposed" to feel, I was able simply to relax and be curious about the experience. It felt like a really engaging meditative session, by the end of which I had allowed some larger force to smooth out and dissolve the niggling worries of the day. I would definitely do this again!"

Chauncy, 80Retired psychiatrist

 I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years to adopt a meditation practice to achieve the mindfulness benefits its adherents claim: more focus, less stress and anxiety, and the ability to observe the mind and separate from the chatter. Neurofeedback has helped me achieve all these benefits that eluded me for years. Neurofeedback feels like amplified, assisted meditation."

Matt, 51Law enforcement

 I have suffered from depression for more than 20 years and was recently diagnosed with anxiety, as well. Since completing eight (8) sessions of neurofeedback with Peak Training Center, I feel very different. Not only do I feel an extreme sense of calm after each session, but I have also noticed how my reactions are very different to things that would have normally upset me or caused me anxiety. While there are still some noticeable reactions, they are not as intense and I recover much quicker. I anticipate my depression and anxiety will be even more manageable after I complete the next 10 sessions. Looking forward to the next phase!"

Melissa, 44Marketing consultant