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On Sale

Renting a NeurOptimal is an investment in you and your family's well being. Before taking the plunge, come to our office for a session. Come in for a session. If you rent the unit for a month, your session is free! This offer only apples to customers able to visit our Beaverton, OR office.

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Book a session online and come in for a single session at standard rates.  If you decide that renting a unit for the next month is a good fit, your session will be free.  Here are the steps:

1. Book a session online

2. Come to your session - we will provide a standard NeurOptimal brain training session and a brief orientation to the benefits of brain training and how NeurOptimal works.

3.  If you decide to rent a unit, a single payment of $1100.00 is taken at this time, and a rental and training will be provided at that time.  If we do not have a rental unit available right away, we will take payment for the session and make arrangements to meet again when a rental unit becomes available, and payment due will be reduced by $125.  In either case, we require a valid ID and credit card to complete the contract. 

4.  If you decide that brain training isn't the solution you're looking for, you only pay $125.