NeurOptimal Rental

Back to school special! Now through 10/31/19 get 20% off your first month's rent You can take NeurOptimal® technology home on your schedule and for your family and friends.

$720 $900(-20%)
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Rental Contract:  Once this purchase is complete, a Trainer will contact you within 24 hours to complete the arrangements; you will need to sign a rental contract and make arrangements for pickup or delivery.

Fee: $900.00 for 30 days/20 sessions.  Through 10/31/19 the fee is reduced by 20% to $720.00 for 30 days/20 sessions.

Terms: Machines are rented on a 30 day basis on a contractual basis, and come loaded with 20 sessions for you to use in that time period.  No more than 2 sessions per day per user. 

Shipping or Pickup:  You have the option of making an appointment to pick up the NeurOptimal® system in our office free of charge, or we can send it to you along with a return label for a shipping fee of $75.

Training: Although NeurOptimal® brain training is easy to do, there are a few steps to learn.  If you pick up your rental unit, you will receive training in person from a Certified Trainer.  If you have your system mailed to you, we will schedule a skype call or zoom to walk you through the steps you need to get up and running.  And for everyone, there is free ongoing tech support available right from the tablet.  Your Trainers are also just a phone call away.