Having fun with NeurOptimal® at home

24 Jul

Neurofeedback in any form is a powerful tool to assist you in optimizing brain function and being your best self.  But the advantages of using neurofeedback in your home or office environment increase the benefits.  How? Renting allows you to control when and where you receive neurofeedback, and you can spread the benefits to those you share a home or office with. And at $900 per month for 20 sessions, the investment pays off quickly.

Here are some ideas about how to use NeurOptimal® at home:


  • Set up the unit in your designated "quiet corner" or a neutral, quiet location of your home
  • Make the NeurOptimal® part of your evening wind down from activity, stimulation and stress to promote sleep
  • If using with a child, consider using while your child reads or does a quiet activity


  • Make it a date!  NeurOptimal® makes a wonderful shared activity for couples
  • Once a week, replace your usual after-work wind down with NeurOptimal®
  • Take it to a balcony, back yard or even a park!  There is nothing like compounding the healing power of the great outdoors with neurofeedback


  • Use it when you answer email or quietly write
  • Plan a day when you do two sessions and note any differences between single-session days and double-session days
  • Definitely use NeurOptimal® after a stressful day or triggering event in place of a less healthy alternative (like smoking, drinking, snacking) and note, but don't judge whether that craving has subsided

When you rent the NeurOptimal®, it puts the control in your hands!

For questions, schedule a free consultation.

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