Recovery and Covid-19

13 May

At times like this, staying sober is daily decision. So many of the resources you rely on to give you the support and strength to stay on the path are limited or unavailable. Social distancing, widespread closures and increased stress everywhere put added pressure on us all, but especially when you're in the early stages of recovery.

Here are 6 strategies to stay in recovery during the pandemic:

  1. Make a plan to stay connected to your support network - make a written plan or schedule to check in with a sponsor or mental health caregiver
  2. Take advantage of online resources
  3. Stay aware of your triggers, but be aware that new ones might crop up
  4. Pick your routine and stick to it
  5. Mindfulness mindfulness mindfulness
  6. Consider neurofeedback

Oregon Based Recovery Resources:
Oregon Recovery Network

Recovery Tips

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