3 Reasons to Invest in Brain Training

27 Dec

Considering an investment in yourself?  Here are 3 reasons you should invest in your brain.

1. Brain Training can help you manage burnout:

A recent study found that regular neurofeedback reduced perceived stress in employees, and at 6 months, employees maintained the gains in positive stress management.

2. Brain Training often improves sleep: 

A recent examination looking at using NeurOptimal to enhance adherence to CPAP and CBT sleep interventions found that brain training improves outcomes for both sleep interventions and has a measurable effect in improving sleep when combined.

3. Brain Training can enhance overall brain performance:

NeurOptimal is designed to help the central nervous system make decisions about how best to allocate resources, not simply to make adjustments to specific brain wave frequencies.  When the brain learns to make these adjustments more easily, your performance and decision making improves.

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